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The Central Intelligence System

QASS is the world leader in the field of collecting, and evaluating acoustic emissions from industrial applications. The Central Intelligence System has been designed and manufactured to very exacting specifications. This robust system is capable of operating in today’s industrial environment. The user friendly software was developed for ease of installation, setup, and data retrieval & evaluation.

 Capable of collecting data from up to 8 discreet locations the CiS can be adapted to almost any application. If evaluating acoustic emissions is important we can help. Whether detecting cracks in straightening presses, or determining the life of a cutting tool QASS is prepared to help.

Specific Applications

Crack Detection

Worldwide over 300 CiS systems are operating on straightening presses. During the heat treating process shafts can bend from the stresses induced by heating them. During the straightening process these shafts can crack. If undetected these shafts can be assembled into finished products, and possibly create a failure sometime in the future. The CiS is capable of monitoring 100% of those shafts that are straightened.

Parts Assembly

In applications where parts are pressed together there is a possibility of cracking. For example consider a gear being pressed on to a shaft. The process generates high stress levels that could lead to a crack. Again the CiS works in the background to monitor the process, evaluating the acoustic emissions.

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